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Why is sending your child to pre-school in Charlotte, NC recommended by childcare specialists?

Posted on 06-11-2014


Pre-school children have reached an age when vital brain development determines the foundation for future achievement and a successful adulthood. What shapes this development is a child's environment, the education they receive, and the social skills they acquire during these formative years.

At Kids 'R' Kids Learning Academy of Blakeney, our pre-school environment and academic curriculum are unparalleled. Renowned as a premier Learning Academy, we offer the top facilities and a dedicated staff for your child. The philosophy of "hug first, then teach" is our motto because we know your child will thrive when introduced to our nurturing environment.

Four reasons why pre-school is the right choice for your child 

  • The first five years of a child's life are crucial for brain development. 80 billion of the 100 billion total brain cells either are activated or permanently lost by a child's sixth birthday. Therefore, it is essential that children receive the necessary brain stimulation through an exceptional pre-school curriculum.
  • These formative years are an exceptional opportunity for growth. They involve essential interacting, learning, and sharing with peers in a structured early learning environment. This opportunity prepares a child for later stages of education. Research has shown that children who attend an accredited pre-school have advanced pre-literacy skills, a greater math comprehension, and a more extensive vocabulary in comparison to those children without a preschool education.
  • Socialization is both encouraged but also closely monitored at our pre-school during group activities and child-directed play. This assists children to gain emotional intelligence, learn to share, bond, and interact successfully with their peers and teachers.
  • Learning the foundation for being independent and self-sufficient is another important life skill that is introduced to our pre-schoolers. Our curriculum assists them to become balanced, driven and successful adults, with their mastery of independence being a significant factor. Enrolling your child in a loving, safe environment, teaches them how to make positive decisions, successfully complete tasks, develop confidence, and discover their talents!

Parents can continue this essential early-learning development with a visit to Discovery Place Kids located nearby in Huntersville. Here, your child will meet new friends while playing in a stimulating learning environment that emphasizes imagination, fun, and being active.

Discover more about our leading pre-school program, or to schedule a tour of our Academy, please contact us today.

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