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Charlotte child care tips: The fundamental story of brain development

Posted on 12-05-2014


The first five years of your infant’s life are a critical time when your child’s brain is forming essential connections for learning and future academic success. At birth, your child’s brain contains about 100 billion cells which is the most brain cells your child will ever have. However, only a small percentage of these cells are ultimately connected. It is through new learning experiences and sensory stimulation that these connections, known as synapses, are formed.

During these first five years, your infant’s brain structure is highly malleable and open to formative experiences that will determine the brain’s development. If the cells receive little or no stimulation, they simply disappear and cannot be brought back. Consequently, it is essential that your child receive the proper amount of stimulation to activate these cells and build permanent, healthy synapses.

Brain development the Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy way

Unlike traditional day care centers, our goal at Kids ‘R’ Kids Learning Academy at Blakeney in Charlotte is to provide stimulating learning experiences that support brain development and maximize your child’s mental capacity. We also understand that a safe emotional attachment is vital for the growth and development of your child’s brain. Our child care center is filled with stimulating materials to help facilitate your child’s exploration through the senses. Our innovative brain development curriculum targets each part of your child’s brain. The teaching provided by our professional staff will start your child on a journey to developing a lifelong love of learning.

To find out more about our child care center, curriculum and staff, please contact us today.

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